November 6, 2013

Mama is Going Granola

I hereby announce claim that we are Going Granola.
Ok. I say that as more of a goal we have made for our family.
For years I have wanted to be more "green," but like a lot of people the extent of my green-ness is using reusable shopping bags and recycling. I am determined to change that and all the more with baby number two on the way.
For starters, my husband and I have been seeking out local produce vendors, which luckily aren't too hard to find here in Texas (especially fresh fruit stands). I planted a bunch of basil in a huge planter outside. My husband even wants to build more [planters] and grow more varied selections of herbs and such. And because of the climate where we live, we don't have to worry about too much cold weather. So we are going to get a few large pots for different varieties of tomatoes and chiles (a must in a Mexican household).
We have always been healthy eaters but we have put our foot down to no more eating out. Although we were still cooking most of our meals at home, things would pop up in our schedules and we would make excuses about not have the time (or energy) to cook. We don't like fast food so we tended to by food from the same places each and every time. Now, we have allowed a possible one day a week for pizza night with friends or family, but that is the extent of it.
I haven't gone all organic or anything when it comes to food, but that's because our wallet won't allow it. One day maybe.
We have also decided to use cloth diapers with baby number two. We probably would have used them with our first, but we didn't have a washing machine in our apartment. (Which is a necessity in my mind. I am not really up to washing diapers in the sink or bathtub.) But we are going to do it this time. I sat and explained to my husband (after working on budgeting and such) how many diapers we used with number one and what that would mean financially to do it all over again (not to mention the addition to the ever-growing landfills). When Marcos realized how much we would have to spend and then save with cloth diapers, he might have been almost as into it as I am.
There are plenty of little things that add to the this going granola project of mine and there are even more things we hope to implement. Some things will have to wait until we move into a permanent home, but God-willing that is not too far off.

Going granola is not easy. It takes work and sometimes more money than I can spend, but little by little we are living better. I am determined to treat this planet how God would want, and I believe that means a more granola-like lifestyle.

October 22, 2013

Belly Shots: Week 24 & 28

24 Weeks

28 Weeks

Yikes. These are a little late getting here. I'm just starting Week 30 this week so I am hoping to remember to take pictures every week starting this week. I won't make any promises about how soon they will be posted, but I will post them eventually. [That I do promise].

October 21, 2013


I think I'm nesting. I don't know if this cleaning is me becoming myself again (scouring everything in sight) or if I am somehow prepping for the little one's arrival. With baby number one I was pretty much living with my parents. I wasn't able to clean and organize and ready my own little nest. So, is this nesting? This is how it goes, right? From what I've read I can only assume that's what I've been up to. One night last week I stayed up waiting for my husband to get home from working late. I had scrubbed the kitchen that day and seeing his face when he walked in - I couldn't help but wonder if what I had done was normal. Maybe it would have been normal pre-pregnancy, but after my bout of pure sluggishness it probably shocked him more than anything. (Not to mention the fact that I was somehow still awake to witness his reaction.) 
I even want to set up the crib already. For the first time in two and a half years I have my own room and I already want to set up the crib. I love having this space for just me (and my husband). I love not having to tiptoe around the room or simply avoid the room until I had to sleep. This too I have to chalk up to "nesting," because I can't think of any other reason why I have this urge to set up the crib.
I guess this is just something I would have experienced the first time around but didn't.

October 17, 2013


Being pregnant for the second time is so much different than the first. My body is reacting differently, noticing everything at a slightly more intense level. My aches and pains this time around are insane (yes, I'm being a little dramatic), especially considering that I didn't have ANY last time. I'm pretty sure that for the entirety of my first pregnancy, that if I would never have looked down I would never have remembered that I was pregnant. In the last trimester my belly morphed into funny shapes and baby practiced his tae kwon do with my internal organs but that was nearing the end. Baby number two started his prenatal stunts much earlier than baby number one. The kicks started well before 18 weeks. I will say they started around week 12. They started with jabs here and there and by now, HAHA, have my husband standing across the room wide-eyed over the fact that he can see the mega moves baby does (from across the room). 
For a while I was also feeling super lazy. I wasn't keeping up with housework and I wasn't cooking hardly at all. I just didn't want to do any of it. I would look at the mess around me and flat-out lose all motivation for doing anything about it. My poor husband picked up my slack work, keeping the dishes from piling too high and made great lunches in my weird hormonal emotional mental absence.
I think that is behind me. After a few good hormonally charged cries, I pulled myself together. I, a little embarrassingly, made a cleaning schedule. I pulled out magazines and cookbooks searching for satisfying meals. Little by little things are getting better. The cleaning schedule has oddly turned out to be a good idea. It helps me pace myself. The first trimester I was exhausted all the time, and now that I'm in my third and last trimester (crazy, right?) a little of that is returning. So in the end it has kept me from pushing myself to hard, which would then make me even more fatigued. 
But, yeah. Third trimester. The homestretch. I am stoked! Time has been flying, as opposed to crawling like when I was pregnant the first time. I can't believe that in less than three months I will be holding another beautiful baby in my arms! 

September 10, 2013

Too Picky

I think I am the only one who doesn't have collect specialty recipes. No exclusively vegetarian meals, not really any paleo, no "diet food" and no vegan. I don't have anything against those recipes, I just prefer to indulge in meat and eggs and milk (when I can), and yes, especially butter. Growing up with food allergies I have learned to love as much of the other foods as I can. I also hated being thought of as a picky eater when I was little (even though I couldn't help it). So now I eat everything I can, or at least everything I can handle. Being an MK you learn cultural acceptability and of course food had a big role to play. I learned that in order to be as polite and culturally accepting as possible was that I didn't ask what I was eating, I just acted as graciously as possible in order to thank my hosts for their sacrifice (even if I learned I was eating stomach lining or intestines).

I don't go out looking for recipes on how to cook goat brain or frog and I sure don't eat them here at home, but I do want to do everything I can to keep my own children from becoming picky eaters. Finding recipes is easy for some people, but lately for me I have been having a terrible time. Too many friends or people I "follow" on Pinterest post nothing but the recipes I normally avoid. I even started following a grandmother on Pinterest just because I knew her recipes would have meat and most likely wouldn't be "diet." I find a recipe here and there but even some of those are meals that I can't just whip together.

Any suggestions on what to make? Or where to look?
Maybe I am just being too picky...


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