Lately I have been craving a place to put down my thoughts. As good as a pen and paper can be, there is some kind of inner peace that comes with blogging. Don’t ask me what it is or why I feel that why, I just feel this release when I can write something down and press submit. Maybe it’s the possibility that somewhere there’s someone who read what I wrote and can empathize and feels better knowing that they aren’t the only one who experiences the craziness of life. Or maybe it’s just me that feelings better knowing that someone might read it and offer up encouragement for my ridiculousness. 
I have written blogs before. Some seemed to go well but life got messy and I had to hold off on blogging. So here I am again, attempting to share. 

I don’t think I can describe what this blog will be about. So much happens and things are always changing, so to put a label on my writing that won’t change seems nearly impossible. A life blog? I think that’s as close as it will get. Life as a wife and mother, an adventure lover, tree hugging nature fanatic and all the other fun descriptors out there. 

Here we go.